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Strength of Materials: Maximum Stress Criteria

Maximum Stress Criteria (Tresca and Von Mises)

There are different stress criterions implemented to determine if a part is going to yield when it has stress on it in different directions. The two that I'm going to discuss are the Tresca stress criteria and the Von Mises stress criteria.

Both criterions relate the principle stresses to the yield stress of the material in question. The Tresca Stress criteria represents the maximum stress as a hexagon in principle stress space. Due to this, the Tresca Stress criteria is typically more conservative when it comes to shear stress, and sometimes the materials can take a stress that is 15% higher than the stress predicted by Tresca. Von Mises on the other hand does not take a conservative approach. To view both the Tresca and Von Mises plot in principle stress space refer to the figure below.

Von Mises and Tresca Stress Criteria

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