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Strength of Materials: Introduction

Welcome to the strength of materials section of this website. For those of you who don't know, strength of materials is a fundamental area for a mechanical engineer, and is part of the area of solid mechanics. Having knowledge of strength of materials will give you the tools to calculate stress and deflection on an object that is under load.

The area of strength of materials studies axial loading, torsion, pressure vessels, and bending; just to name a few. Since strength of materials deals with forces, you should have an understanding of statics, since it is needed in most strength of materials problems. If you don't have an understanding of statics don't worry I do talk about it in the videos. Just remember your forces should sum to zero in translation and rotational directions of interest.

If you are a new to strength of materials, I suggest you watch the videos in the order that I post them, since they will build on each other. However, if you're here just for a reference, go ahead and see if I have posted what you are looking for. If I haven't there is a chance in the future that I will, or feel free and send me an original video along with a reference page.

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