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Statics: Introduction

Statics is the study of how forces interact on a body. What statics does is it takes in consideration of Newton's Law "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." The law works because for every force applied to the object for it to be static (unable to move or rotate) there has to be an opposite and equal force to hold the object stationary.

Now you're probably saying why do I need to know this information? The answer is simple, you need to know how to solve a statics problem to do more advanced problems, such as strength of material problems. Statics is basically the book keeping method that an engineer uses to solve problems.

I'm not going to go to crazy talking about statics on this website. Instead I'm going to create a basic overview of it that will apply to other sections of this website. Basically, I am going to discuss what type of forces and constraints could be placed on an object. I'm going to show you how to construct a correct free body diagram. I'm also going to show you how to deal with forces that are applied at an angle to the part. Finally, I'm going to discuss three dimensional forces.

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