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Fluid Mechanics: U-Tube Manometer

There are two types of U-Tube Monometers. The first type is a monometer that has a fluid reservoir and the end open to atmosphere. It is common to have two different type of fluids within the manometer, one fluid in the reservoir, and another type of fluid within the U. To calculate the pressure in the reservoir equation 1 would be used.

U-Tube Manometer open end equation (1)

γ = Specific Weight

P = Pressure

U-Tube Manometer end open to Atmosphere

The other type of U-Tube monometer that could be used is a monometer that has two fluid reservoirs interconnected. To calculate the pressure differences between the two reservoirs refer to equation 2.

Closed U-tube Manometer Equation (2)

U-Tube Manometer Closed two Reservoirs

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