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Fluid Mechanics: Minor Head Loss

Minor Head Loss

Minor head loss is due to any pressure drop caused by an elbow, tee, valve, etc. To calculate the minor head loss equation 1 would be used.

Minor head loss equation (1)

hLminor = Minor Head Loss

kL = Minor Head Loss Coefficient

v = velocity

g = gravitational constant

The coefficient kL in equation 1 represents the loss coefficient. To determine the loss coefficient for various situations refer to the tables and images below.

Minor Head Loss Pipe Entrance

Minor Headloss pipe entrance
Minor Headloss Entrance loss graph
Minor Headloss sudden pipe contraction graph

Minor Head Loss Pipe Exit

Minor Headloss pipe exit
Minor Headloss sudden expansion graph

Minor Head Loss Conical Diffuser

Minor Headloss Conical Diffuser

Minor Head Loss 90 Degree Bend

Minor Headloss 90 degree pipe bend

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