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Fluid Mechanics: Parts of the Bernoulli's Equation

The Bernoulli's equation is a combination of dynamic and static pressure. The dynamic pressure is represented by equation 1.

Dynamic Pressure Bernoulli's Equation (1)

PD = Dynamic Pressure

ρ = density

v = velocity

Combining the initial gage pressure and dynamic pressure will result in the stagnation pressure. Refer to equation 2.

Stagnation Pressure Bernoulli's Equation (2)

Pstag = Stagnation Pressure

P1 = Initial Gage Pressure

Finally, the static pressure is represented by equation 3. Notice it's the same equation used to calculate hydrostatic pressure, which means it represents the pressure head.

Static Pressure Bernoulli's Equation (3)

PS = Static Pressure

γ = Specific Weight

z1 = Fluid Head

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