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Dynamics: Translational Motion and its Forces

Translational Motion and its Forces

Recall from kinematics of a rigid body, there is no rotation if the motion of the rigid body has translational motion. This means that if a line segment is drawn between two particles, that line segment should remain parallel as that rigid body moves from point a to point b, which results in no rotational force since there is no rotation about a fixed axis. So to calculate the forces on the rigid body from certain acceleration you would only have to consider different variables of F=ma, which can be seen in the equations below. You may also need to consider moments when dealing with a rigid body. However, the moments for a rigid body will sum to zero.

Translational force x direction (1)

Translational force y direction (2)

Translational force z direction (3)

Translational force normal direction (4)

Translational force x direction (5)

Translational Moment (6)

Equation 1-6 represents the forces in the x, y, z, normal, and tangential directions.

calculate force on car wheels due to acceleration

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