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Once you've decided on what type of design you want to build, you also need to decide on what weight class you want to enter. This is dependent on which competition you are going to enter, since each competition will only choose a few of the weight classes that they will allow to compete in their competition. Typically most competitions now I notice don't have weight classes larger than the 30lb featherweight, and a lot also offer competition for the 12lb hobbyweight which is what most people enter. The full range of weight classes can be seen below. Notice also that certain weight classes are for high schools, meaning only high school students can enter those weight classes.

Weight Classes
    75g- Fleaweight
    150g- Fairyweight
    1 pound (454 g) - Antweight
    3 pound (1.36 kg) - Beetleweight
    6 pound (2.72 kg) - Mantisweight
    12 pound (5.44 kg) - Hobbyweight
    15 pound (6.80 kg) - High School Mini class
    30 pound (13.6 kg) - Featherweight
    60 pound (27 kg) - Lightweight
    120 pound (54 kg) - Middleweight / High School Large class
    220 pound (100 kg) - Heavyweight
    340 pound (154 kg) Super Heavyweight

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