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S.B.A. Invent is reference source for engineers. There are currently five sections, with a total of 82 reference pages between them. The sections that can be found on this site currently are dynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanical design, statics, strength of materials, and thermodynamics. The content in each section is structured so that the content builds on each other like a lesson plan. This in turn will give people direction that are new to the subject. In addition to the written content, each page provides a short lecture video that will include more detailed explanations and example problems.

As this site progresses, much more content will be added to it, such as heat transfer, vibrations & modal analysis, Six Sigma, and electrical fundamentals, to name a few. If you like the concept of this site, and wish to help add content, feel free to submit content to When submitting content you can submit the written part as a word file and I will code it; videos, if you make one should be in .swf flash format and .m4v IPod format, the size I create my videos as is 640X476px.

If you want to know about updates to this site as they occur, like S.B.A Invent on Facebook Also, any donation would be much appreciated. The money raised through donations will be used to add more content to this site from other professionals experienced in different subject matters that are out of my expertise. All donations are conducted through Paypal.

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