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Welcome to S.B.A. Invent

Welcome to S.B.A. Invent. S.B.A invent is mainly a reference source for mechanical engineering. All of the content on this site has been written by practicing mechanical engineers. Currently there are six categories focusing on the different areas of mechanical engineering. They are Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Design, Statics, Strength of Materials, and Thermodynamics. As of right now the Mechanical Design section is still being developed, but the other five sections are completed.

In addition engineering reference, to keep things interesting, some other mini-websites are being developed on the side. One of these mini-websites is how to build a Battlebot.

As this site progresses, more content will be added, such as heat transfer, vibrations & modal analysis, Six Sigma, and electrical fundamentals; to name few. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on this website, or you find something that is wrong, fill out the Feedback and Recommendations form at the bottom of every webpage.

Finally, if you like what you see on this website, please share it.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!

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